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Главная » 2011 » Февраль » 26 » ІЗ 75 - РІЧЧЯМ!!!!
ІЗ 75 - РІЧЧЯМ!!!!
 Щиро бажаємо вам міцного здоров"я,земною любові і тепла,щоб ви і на далі залишалися молодим,повним життєвого оптимізму,щоб ніколи не вичерпалося джерело вашої енергії,а доля щоб була щедрою на щастя та удаяу,щоб ніколи не вичерпувалися ваш ентузіазм та життєдайна енергія,яка заряджає всіх хто спілкується з вами.
Сьогодні ювілейну спонтанну стежину,
та спокою нема для ваших ніг,
бо пройдено життя лише частину -
попереду багато ще доріг.
Бажаєм вам століття ще прожити,
здоров"я доброго на всю ту сотню літ.
І внуків всіх ще одружити,
й благословити правнків у світ.
                                                З повагою - ваші колеги та КСО " Максімум"
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Всего комментариев: 6
6 JocelynMycle  
у меня некрасивые зубы( клыки, немного неправильный прикус, положение верхнего зубного ряда под углом в сторону рта и д.р)Решила носить скобки .Была у наших ортодонтов , но ничего определенного сказать не могут ..говорят думай сама ставить или нет..точный результат невозможно предсказать, но вероятнее всего , что будет выглядеть лучше.В общем хочу поехать в другой город проконсультироваться...может кто что посоветует? P.S : больше всего волнуют клыки!

я надеюсь вы поможете, пишите мне http://vli.su/Kitchen
совсем не понима что делать((

5 KarenPaunc  
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1 Jade96  
We will be arriving in Belgium from Amsterdam by means of train in October, and plan on spending 3 nights. I've been reading up, but am seeking for some initial-hand tips that travel books just can't answer. The big players in the Brussels theatre scene are the Francophone Theatre National and the Flemish Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwberg, but the city also has an abundance of small theatres providing an eclectic programme from experimental theatre to political pieces and comedy.

Bring your ATM card with you instead of bringing lots of cash - but don't forget to verify with your bank just before your travel no matter whether there will be any charges for making use of your card abroad. The government of Belgium also informed the public that the Brussels metro program, whilst completely operational, will run on a lowered time schedule of 6am to 10pm.

I would check your ticket extremely very carefully, there may possibly still be time to modify a London-Brussels ticket for a London-ABS (Any Belgian Station) ticket, therefore avoiding the want to buy yet another ticket on arrival in Brussels. On the tips of the World Wide Fund for Nature, KLM accepts only the Gold Regular benchmark. I could barely sleep Wednesday evening since I was so excited to start exploring the city the next day. On 30 December 2015, the Mayor of Brussels decided to cancel the fireworks display planned for New Year's Eve.

Ideas that are arranged in double columns and placed in frames boost the common data in each and every chapter, and The word of mouth advice that pops up every now and then is enjoyable, entertaining, and informative. The add-on reservation for my Brussels to Paris trip expense me an further 42 euros (about $55), but it integrated a complete meal and glass of wine significantly like airplane initial class. Or take a stroll around old town, the city is fantastic for walking tours, and quit by in a couple of Brussels museums. But considering that most of the brussels city remained unexplored I decided to stay back.

Like any city Brussels is home to a number of infamous street gangs, with the notorious Black Wolves getting one particular of them. When you do a search for a European car rental, you may initially think you've identified really a deal (and possibly you have!). Although the Belgians debate their unity, Brussels is the administrative center of the European Union.

Brussels is about as safe or unsafe as London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich, Rome or Lisbon. I walked outdoors and asked a train attendant in terribly translated French/Spanish with a French accent which way I must walk for a single day of exploring. You will notice that a quantity of the ideas come from readers / members of the Solo Travel Society on Facebook.

So yes, you can visit a nation with out getting to feel like you require to make a trip down to some tourist internet site just due to the fact the travel guide says so. Save oneself the funds and tread down the road that the locals will tread. Were just there a handful of weeks ago, and while it's critical to often secure your valuables in ANY city - and particularly around train stations - we didn't locate Brussels to be 'dangerous'.

For these of us who reside in Southern Ontario, London is one of the easiest/cheapest cities to fly into from Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Toronto. Those worries were soon validated when the captain announced that 'Hare Airport was landing about ten % of their usual air site visitors per hour. I enjoy your honesty I can practically feel the feelings (or lack thereof) that you have been feeling in Brussels.

In August 2015 a terrorist boarded the Thalys Brussels-Paris train and then carried out an attack that injured 3 men and women whilst the train was travelling in northern France. Most of the University buildings are situated inside a 10 minutes stroll from the train station. Getting down to the Charleroi airport, where the budget airlines fly out of, is also reasonably easy. Of course, we have been traveling in Europe for 18 months & find it all quite inexpensive with our frugal approaches. Btw, I am by no indicates the first particular person to discover or write about travel budgeting.

Paris is a sightseer's paradise and a excellent spot to hang out with family, pals and loved ones. These Brussels-location travel clinics are your greatest single resource for travel health protection and travel safety data. But i guess it is all worth it for the travelling and experiences that i am going to have for the subsequent month. But prior to you strike Brussels from your own have to-pay a visit to list, take an additional look. http://pahma.berkeley.edu/delphi/modules/auth/profile.php?uid=223989 - article

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